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Information literacy is an ability that individuals have in determining, seeking, managing, evaluating information effectively and efficiently. In general, this term is an individual skill to ascertain that he is well-informed. At universities in general, libraries have a role in helping the university conduct training for every student to learn deeply about information literacy. This is intended not only to support student learning activities but also to foster awareness of deep information. Why is information so important? This is because, in every decision-making process, an individual does not necessarily decide based on what he wants but also based on the amount of relevant information related to the problem he/she is facing apart from the experience she/he has.

In this case, the UMN Library has a high commitment to facilitate the information needs of students by providing training on information literacy. The model used as a training module for information literacy is The Big 6. This model generally describes six processes and stages of information retrieval that are deemed appropriate to the needs of students. This process includes Task Definition, Strategy, Location and Access, Using the information, Synthesis, and Evaluation. This stage is considered effective to be easily understood for students in supporting lecture activities which often become a necessity to describe scientific statements based on accurate information from a source obtained through searching for reliable and correct information. 

Apart from providing training on information literacy, the library also added another module in the training, namely on the socialization of the UMN Library, citation, plagiarism, information sources, the invisible web, and the quality of information. Therefore, students are expected with curiosity to take advantage of this free training opportunity as well as possible. 

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