Library Policy

The UMN Library policy is a set of rules that becomes the basis for library users. This policy upholds order, safety, and comfort in the library to create a conducive situation.

Library Operational Hours 

8.00 AM – 7.00 PM (Monday - Friday)

8.00 AM – 5.00 PM (Saturday)

Every visitors are required to check-in visitors through (SSO login)

Delivery services are also available with advance reservation through 

Library Membership 

Members of the Universitas Multimedia Nusantara Library are UMN academicians (students, lecturers, and staff) and UMN alumni who are automatically registered as members and have the right to enjoy facilities. Here are the regulations of membership: 

  1. UMN academicians have the right to access and borrow all printed and digital collections, as well as utilizing all on-site facilities (reading areas, discussion rooms, computers, WiFi connection, Netflix facility, etc.)
  2. UMN alumni have the right to access collections, reference services and search journals, use the reading area, make use of computers for browsing, and so on. 

Circulation Policy

Loan Limit

Membership Type

Max Number
of Loans






1 week

1 time

Final Year Students


2 weeks

1 time

Graduate Students


2 weeks

1 time

Full-Time Lecturers


1 semester

1 time

Part-Time Lecturers


1 semester

1 time

Homebase Lecturers


1 semester

1 time



1 month

1 time









Circulation Procedures

1.    Only active members of the library are eligible to borrow books

2.    Show a valid UMN ID card, both when borrowing or returning the books

4.    Borrowers are completely responsible to the books they borrow

5.    Make sure that the book(s) is in a good condition, both when borrowing or returning

6.    One library member can only borrow one item under the same title

7.    Members should exclusively use their ID Card only for themselves. Letting other people to borrow books on their behalf is highly prohibited.


  1. Overdue - Delay in returning books is subject to a fine of Rp. 1000/book/day
  2. Lost Books - Replace books with the same title, ISBN, author, and year 
  3. Library users who are caught stealing books or other collections will subject to sanctions per the Decree of the UMN Library Regulation No.132/SK-R/IV/2019 

Discussion Rooms Booking Policy

1.    Be an active member of the library

2.    Make an online reservation on the library website, under the Reserve Facilities menu bar

3.    Exchange your UMN ID card for a room key at the front desk of the library

4.    Members are not allowed to bring any beverage and/or food to the discussion room

5.    Maintain discussion at each room remains conducive

6.    Do not damage discussion room facilities, items, and embellishments 


Collection Request Procedure

1.    Be an active member of the library

2.    Submit requests to the library service staff and fill in the Request Collection menu on the library website

3.    Fills in the book submission column

4.    Confirm collection’s title, ISBN, publisher and year of publication

5.    Submit 


E-journal and E-book Requests Procedure

1.    Be an active member of the library

2.    Log in to

3.    Make a reservation on the menu E-journal & E-book Requests 

4.    Fill out the required form


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