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To support learning for the UMN academic community, the UMN Library offers six discussion rooms with details of four small discussion rooms and two large discussion rooms. Each room is stuffed with a projector and a smart TV. All discussion rooms are located on the 2nd Floor of the library. A small discussion room can be used by 1 to 4 students. On the other, the large discussion room up to 1-10 students. The library intends to help students do knowledge sharing and hopes to contribute productive and progressive lecture activities with the presence of six discussion rooms. 

Apart from rooms in the library area, the UMN library also provides a discussion area outside the library area, namely the Diagram Hub which is located on the 1st floor of building C. Diagram Hub can be used by users to discuss creative things or carry out other productive activities.

Terms of Facility Use: 

  1. Students log in through the library website  
  2. Students reserve a discussion room and input the desired schedule
  3. Students entrust student identification cards to the librarian
  4. The duration of discussion room utilization is at least one hour and a maximum of two hours
  5. The tolerance limit for late use of the discussion room is 15 minutes, if it exceeds the tolerance time then the room has the right to be used by other students who need it
  6. One identification card only applicable for a one-time reservation and a maximum limit is two hours 

 Here's how to reserve:

 1_360.png  2_360.png 

3_360.png   4_360.png  

5_360.png   6_360.png



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