Movie or Book-Inspired Dream Place Challenge by UMN Library

Held on    : January-17-2022
Time        : 08:00:00
Location  : UMN Library
Category : Challenge

Hello, UMN friends!

Have a dream place inspired by a movie or book? Come on, tell us about it through the "Movie & Book-Inspired Dream Place" challenge from UMN Library!

If you are a UMN academic community and also have a dream place like Kinan, you must take this challenge. Here are the conditions:
1. The competition is for D3 and S1 UMN students
2. Participants must follow the Instagram account @umnlibrary
3. Participant's account is not private
4. Challenges can be in the form of posting photos, videos, or reels that tell you about a dream place inspired by your favorite movie or book and why you chose that place.
5. Challenge posts must include your name, NIM, and mention/tag the Instagram account @umnlibrary
6. It is forbidden to delete or take down posts during the challenge and judging period.

Challenge period: 11 - 24 January 2022
Announcement of winners: January 28, 2022

There is a Gopay balance for 3 winners with the most interesting posts!

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