FAQ: UMN Library Service During Covid-19

Posted on : May-22-2020
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For readers who need information related to library services during their study at home, here we provide answers to some of the questions frequently asked by users:


Library Hours

Q : What days are the libraries open amid COVID-19?

A : The library resumes semi-regular operating hours, Monday - Friday 09.00 - 17.00 WIB. We do not open the doors on Saturdays as the situation is still perilous.  Please note that to prevent the virus from spreading at the campus, libraries are only open for drop ship lending service and returning the books via a courier, so that the community cannot enter the library. Academic members can enjoy UMN Library services online.


Q What about the library's online service?

A      : The library's online service is available from 08.00 - 17.00 WIB. However, for public holidays, no service is available on those dates.




Q   :   How do I borrow books in this situation?

A : Users can borrow physical books from the library by ordering the desired book at SLiMS, then please fill in the form http://bit.ly/peminjamanmahasiswareguler. Next, the library will confirm the availability of books in the library. After receiving confirmation from the library, books can be retrieved when the library opens on Monday at 10:00 - 13:00 by showing the identification card and a confirmation reply from the library via WhatsApp.

Students who are currently undergoing a thesis can borrow books by delivery. Please fill in the form http://bit.ly/peminjamanmahasiswasresi. The maximum borrowing of books is four books. Furthermore, the library will confirm your loan. Then, the library will send proof of delivery. If the borrower has received a book, it is mandatory to send a confirmation via our WhatsApp with the number 081213153197 and don’t forget to follow the format Nama_NIM_Title of book received_Condition of a book when replying to our confirmation info prior, as well as sending a photo of the book that has been received as proof.


Q : How do I return the book in this situation?

A : Academicians can return physical books from the library by courier (same day / regular / expedition). Confirm in advance to the WhatsApp UMN Library at 081213153197. To return the borrowed books via same-day courier can be done on Monday and expedition courier. With an estimated arrival of goods on Monday, the UMN security team will take the deliverance goods and forward them to the library. 

It is obligatory to send a confirmation of book delivery by sending a screenshot/photo of the book delivery receipt to the WhatsApp number. Only then, the book will be processed for return. For books that have fines, they must confirm beforehand to be given directions for the settlement of fines.


Q : What if the book I want to return is counted as a fine?

A : Can still be done by courier (same day / regular / expedition), then pay fines via transfer to the Multimedia Nusantara Foundation. We will provide the account number when the borrower has sent proof of delivery of the borrowed book or delivery receipt number. After that, we will confirm your proof of payment of fines.


Q : During this PSBB (COVID-19), book lending has been extended, but if you look at the system (slims.umn.ac.id) the books borrowed are overdue?

A : In the system, every book has returning dates. If the borrowed books are overdue, the system will count them as late. From March 16 to June 13, the library system does not count fine(s) and so, you do not pay fine(s). This rule is still running. 




Q : How do I get help for Turnitin services?

A : Academicians can send the documents that they want to check on Turnitin by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject “NAME - CEK TURNITIN” and fill in the following form https://forms.gle/JJocS9BNgFkWoPwZ8, please do not separate the documents by chapter to make it easier to check. The results of the checking will be sent to you immediately.


Q : What if we want to check plagiarism more than once on the grounds that some of our files have been revised?

A : Please send the documents you want to check on Turnitin by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject “NAME - CHECK TURNITIN REVISION” and fill in the following form https://forms.gle/JJocS9BNgFkWoPwZ8. Write a short introduction in the body of the email.


Q        : How do I request assistance with Grammarly services?

A : Emailing the documents to [email protected] with the subject “NAME - Grammarly” and fill in the following form http://bit.ly/GRAMMARLY_UMN. The results of the checking will be sent to you immediately.


Q         : How can I ask for help in requesting an e-book/e-journal?

A       : Please request the desired e-book/e-journal through the UMN Library website, namely library.umn.ac.id. Log in using SSO and enter the Reserve Facilities section then click Request E-Journal & E-Book. Please fill in the data relating to the E-Book or E-Journal that you want. E-Book or E-Journal will be sent via email.


Q        : What online resources can we use at home?

A         : The following lists are UMN Library e-resources. Access outside the campus is probable:

1.       Sage Knowledge eBook https://sk.sagepub.com/

Username: umn Password: 1 $ aGe2020

2.       e-Journal Emerald https://www.emerald.com/insight/

Username: [email protected] Password: gramediagroup

3.       Gale Engineering http://bit.ly/GALEteknik

Password: electrode

4.       Gale Humanities http://bit.ly/GALEsocial

Password: ethical

5.     Harvard Business Review https://hbr.org/

Username: [email protected]

Password: @ Multimedia123

6.     UMN repository without login https://kc.umn.ac.id/

7.     e-Perpus Apps (download via google play store or App Store)

Username & Password: Please select reset password to change password and fill in using your UMN email address. Open the UMN email to change the password. After resetting the password, please log in with your UMN email address so you can access the UMN ePerpus book collection.


Open Access Database for E-books & E-journals:

1.       Cambridge (multi subject ebook) https://www.cambridge.org/core/what-we-publish/textbooks

2.       Project Muse (a book about Indonesians) https://muse.jhu.edu/search

3.       Springnature


4.       ACM (Computing database free access till June 30 2020) https://dl.acm.org/

5.       Australian National University Press https://press.anu.edu.au/

6.       Garuda Ristekbrin http://garuda.ristekbrin.go.id/


Q : How do I find e-books from local books?

A    : The UMN Library have collaborated with Gramedia. Please search on e-Perpus or you can search for e-books belonging to the National Library of Indonesia, namely iPusnas (download via google play store or App Store). Both of these applications can be accessed free of charge.


Q : I want to see my thesis / internship report data at KC, but the file can't be opened, why is that?

A : Please report to us via WA to number 081213153197 or email [email protected] and send the KC link whose document cannot be opened. Wait for the process and confirmation from us regarding these documents.


If you still have more questions, please contact us via:

WA: 0812-1315-3197 

Email: [email protected] 

IG: @umnlibrary

Day: Monday - Friday 

At: 08.00 - 17.00 WIB (online service); 09.00 - 17.00 WIB (opening door hours); Public holidays WE ARE OFF 

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