UMN Libtalk: How to Put Your Ideas Into Writing & UMN Library ePerpus Book Review Competition 2021

Posted on : April-17-2021
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Friday, March 26th, 2021 The UMN Library held an activity entitled Library Talk: How to Put Your Idea Into Writing. This activity is one of the running series of UMN Library virtual talk shows. The purpose of this activity is expected to increase students' knowledge and abilities on how to put ideas into writing. In this virtual talk show, the UMN Library invited a guest speaker, Veronica Gabriella, who was a UMN Alumni. Currently, she is a Copywriter and a book writer.


This virtual talk show was attended by 60 participants consisting of UMN students and the general public. The event was opened by Orisa Mahardhini as the Head of the Library. The rest of the show was guided by Cindy Jonathan, a Communication student.

The idea-seeking presentation session, writing execution, and writing evaluation lasted 60 minutes. Veronica said that there were always ideas, but we had to invite them, those ideas were not to wait because we as writers are not “waitresses” and it was important for us to know how to invite ideas. Putting ideas into writing can be done in stages, for example making small notes on a note or a cellphone, thus turning it into a bank of ideas. After several ideas have been collected, the ideas are sorted to know which ideas have the potential to be developed into a mind mapping and research outline. In the next session, students are allowed to ask through the chat column. Some students are enabled to turn on the camera and switch on the mic to ask questions and discuss directly with the speaker and MC.

The climax of the talk show was the announcement of "UMN Library ePerpus Book Review Competition 2021". This activity provided opportunities for participants to be able to express their views on the books they have read and develop into writing reviews. The competition provisions have been determined by the library where 41 fiction book titles have been prepared in the e-Perpus application. Participants could choose one of the book titles.


The results of the jury's assessment by Veronica Gabriella consisted of several aspects, including measures of ideas, language, and structure and format of writing mechanisms. Two main winners and three favorite reviewers were chosen. The announcement of winners was delivered via Live IG @umnlibrary and @verooogabriela on April 15th, 2021. The first winner went to Wela Wihartanto (a Film & Animation student). The second winner was Fadel Irham (an Information Systems student). The three favorite book reviews were Shane Farrel’s (a Strategic Communication student), Harry Santoso’s (a Film & Animation student), and Katherine Vintika Justian’s (a Visual and Communication Design student). 

Veronica conveyed tips to competition participants, "In making comprehensive reviews and adding value to those of us who read the review, we can broaden our assessment to the book's energy, which is more about choices. The author when it comes to the theme, it can be done when we analyze more deeply the profile of the author when the book was launched, so it makes us read the socio-cultural pattern of the book. Reviewing it will get something new”. 


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