Using NFC Technology for Stocktaking at UMN Library

Posted on : October-02-2021
Category  : Stocktake, Stock Opname

For better qualities, various things must be considered and done by a university library. One of them is to ensure the appropriate collection with the owned data, called Stocktake or Stock Opname. Stocktaking is an activity to record collection "assets" owned by the library, both those on display (shelves) and those loaned. It aims to ensure the number of collections is by the existing data and how many books are lost in a certain period.


UMN Library has been conducting stocktake activity since 2019 and routinely carries it out every once a year. This process usually involves librarians and students who are members of the FLY (Friends of Library) community.


Previously, this activity was enforced by manually recording collections; starting this year, UMN Library has begun to innovate the whole process of stock opname by using NFC technology synchronized with the UMN owned app called UNION. This NFC technology makes this annual activity easier. It becomes increasingly efficient and less time-consuming because the Stocktaking process is done by simply pasting (tap) a book with RFID onto a smartphone equipped with the NFC feature.


NFC technology for stocktaking activity in the UMN library is beneficial because it can shorten the work process without involving many people. This UNION application is one of the considerations due to the current pandemic situation. Therefore, this kind of innovation is urgently needed to ensure community health and safety.





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